Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your St. Pete Home

spring cleaning tips

We’re really passionate about a clean home. Our team doesn’t just clean for a career, we live and breathe the processes we preach. Most homeowners couldn’t feel more strongly about the exact opposite. A quick vacuum and weekly dustings are a breeze. Anything beyond that? Yeah, no thanks. You’re in luck! We’re here to help you simplify spring cleaning…


“Green” Cleaning Tips to Try at Home

organic cleaning techniques

Healthy living goes way beyond organic veggies and filtered water. It starts with the clothes you buy and cleaning products you use. The Quality Care Plus team goes above and beyond with our products and techniques to keep your home family-friendly (by family we’re talking about Spot, Junior and your guests). Take a look at a few of our…


When Junior Spills His Chocolate Milk — Affordable Upholstery Cleaning Tips You Need to Know

The minute you decide to have children is around the same time your expensive furniture begins to collect stains and dirt. The good news is that chocolate milk or orange soda stain doesn’t have to be permanent. Take a look at our favorite affordable upholstery cleaning tips to refresh your furnishings in no time. Every parent knows the feeling….


How to Get a Red Wine Stain Out of Your Carpet — Affordable Carpet Cleaning Tips

Is it outrageous to say that spilling red wine on a white carpet is one of the scariest moments in your life? If you’re reading this, you know all about the level of panic we’re talking about! We have good news. That unsightly spot on your carpet isn’t a death sentence to your living room aesthetic. Simple affordable carpet…


Affordable Restoration Methods for Emergency Water Damage

water removal

The last thing you should worry about during an emergency is an expensive restoration bill. Fast and effective emergency water damage services are affordable for Pinellas County homeowners, thanks to Quality Care Plus. It’s crucial to partner with a company you can trust in times of turmoil. Our team has proudly served your Tampa Bay area neighbors since 1998….